A selection of our new products

Here is a selection of French antiques and our own products made by Campagne in New Zealand that have been added to our online shop over the last month or so.

A selection of our new products

We have been very busy lately developing new products and also sorting through some French antiques.

Here is a selection of items recently added to our website.

Bird Ornament

We have recently released a new wooden bird ornament on our website.

The base is made from a slice of guava wood from our garden.  The stand is covered with an old French music book.

As for the main part of the bird this is one of our own graphic designs inspired by vintage French patterns that has been distressed.


The Apple Wood Bottle Opener

Our apple wood bottle openers are made from very local timber.  In fact the wood comes from a tree in our garden that was heavily pruned a few years back.

I wanted to show some photographs of the coins we use to make these, as these very old French coins dating from the 1910’s and 1920’s were originally minted with a hole in the middle.

The RF on one side of the coin stands for ‘Republique Francaise’.

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Apple Wood Bottle Opener

Apple Wood Bottle Opener

french-apple-wood-bottle-openers-jar-01aWebApple Wood Bottle Opener

Apple Wood Bottle Opener