The Apple Wood Bottle Opener

Our apple wood bottle openers are made from very local timber.  In fact the wood comes from a tree in our garden that was heavily pruned a few years back.

I wanted to show some photographs of the coins we use to make these, as these very old French coins dating from the 1910’s and 1920’s were originally minted with a hole in the middle.

The RF on one side of the coin stands for ‘Republique Francaise’.

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Apple Wood Bottle Opener

Apple Wood Bottle Opener

french-apple-wood-bottle-openers-jar-01aWebApple Wood Bottle Opener

Apple Wood Bottle Opener



New About Us Page

Looking through our website recently we realised that our about us page was a somewhat drab pile of text. We decided to spruce it up and design something that better reflects the style of Campagne and our products.

Here is a copy of our new about us page from our shop.

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